About Arillas & Corfu

About Arillas & CorfuCorfu is the Green Gem of the Ionian Islands in the turquois of the Greek Mediterranean. The Island itself was made famous by the books of Gerald Durrell with readers falling in love with its climate, wildlife and the quirky warmth of its widely English speaking people. Over 100,000 Britons visit Corfu each summer and it is served directly by BA from Heathrow, Easyjet and Ryanair.

Arillas is a peaceful village by the sea in the North West of Corfu about 40 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Corfu Town and its international airport.

The village has proven most resistant to change over the years and most of its tavernas, restaurants and small hotels are family owned and operated and passed through generations.

Arillas has largely avoided the financial calamities of other parts of Greece in recent years. There is a cash machine in the village we have never known to be empty.

The long beach is narrow and gently shelving which makes it ideal for families. Although nudism is strictly illegal in Greece it is tolerated at the very northern end of the beach past he headland, due to a long history of naturalist, yoga, meditation centres in the area. There is certainly something very spiritual about this part of the world. You will bump into many tourists who have been coming to Arillas every year for decades and really can’t put their finger on why. The warmth, honesty and genuine hospitality of the people is unique in our experience of global travel.

Arillas has a couple of bars and numerous restaurants and tavernas but it is nothing like the tourist hot spots of Sidari (only 6km away) or the more developed resort of St Stefanos which is still within a walk of our villa.

We chose to make our second home in Arillas and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.